The 5 Traits of a Rockstar PR Intern

Starting a public relations internship is an amazing experience where you are presented with opportunities to learn from your bosses, take the lead on projects, and accept different responsibilities. While every internship experience is unique and every intern is different, everyone wants to impress their boss and prove they can help the company succeed. This can be intimidating when you have absolutely no idea how to stand out, but there are qualities of great interns that provide a fulfilling internship and will impress your boss. Of course, be yourself and do what you think is best but striving to grow and improve yourself never hurt.

Here are 5 traits of a Rockstar intern:

1)      Good Communicator – As a PR intern, communication is the most important quality for you to have. The whole industry is about communicating so don’t hesitate to ask for help. Nobody expects you to know everything and your team members are there to teach and support you. It doesn’t make you a failure if you need help with an assignment. Most people would rather you ask questions so the project gets done right rather than you not ask questions and it be done poorly. Nothing screams “rockstar” like effective communication!

2)      Detail Oriented – Public Relations can be very detail specific. Interns are often used to complete the groundwork for projects, so they will be asked to compile media lists or conduct research. As a Rockstar intern you want to make sure your tasks are completed as detailed as possible. Some of the work may seem tedious, but the emails lists and research all a part of a bigger picture. Attention to detail helps everyone else do their job more efficiently and allows them to focus on other aspects of the project.

3)      Enthusiastic – Nobody wants to teach an intern that is not at all excited about their work. Enthusiasm goes a long way and it’s important to show desire not only in what you are assigned, but what is next. Interest in the process and company shows that you are dedicated beyond your role and are looking to improve and grow.

4)      Reliable – A rockstar intern is someone people can count on. Your entire office should be able to trust you with projects and important deadlines they assign you. They should know that you will be early or on time to work, and that you will always follow through with what you say. To be reliable you need to respect time, manage commitments, and be honest about your workload and thoughts. Being a reliable person, will earn more respect from everybody and guarantee more responsibilities.

5)      Initiative – Taking initiative is one of the easiest ways to become the “Rockstar” to your bosses. It shows that you are hardworking and won’t just sit around wasting time after you finish the task they’ve given you. Taking initiative means you take charge and ask if there’s something else to help with or even improve something without being asked. By taking initiative you may be given new projects or learn more about other aspects of the company. Experience is everything these days and this is one way to learn even more while working in the same position.

—Brittney Alonzo