Intern Diaries: From Journalism to PR

I wish I was one of those people that could say I’ve known what I wanted to do since the day I was born or had some inspirational story to share about how I found my passion for PR, but I think it’s more of a funny coincidence than anything.

I grew up in a suburban area about an hour from Los Angeles and while attending Junior College there they told me I had to pick a major and me - having no idea what I wanted to do with my life – just went with something “easy” which was writing, or technically journalism. I figured I’d been writing since like 1st grade so how hard could it really be? Well let me tell you, there is way more to journalism than just writing, but by the time I realized that I had already taken multiple classes towards that degree and I’m the type of stubborn person who sticks to their guns.

Anyway, fast forward to my last two years of college at Long Island University and I got considerably good at writing. I worked on our college newspaper, Seawanhaka, as both Managing Editor and Arts & Entertainment Editor where I would write about new trends, events happening around campus, artists and actors, as well as manage the work of the other editors and brainstorm news stories. I had developed substantial skills in writing but lacked passion for the trade. It led to perpetually questioning as to why I was going in debt for a degree that I wasn’t even passionate about.

It wasn’t until my required Introduction to PR class that I was told about the other options my future could hold. I remember thinking, “Wait a second! You’re telling me I don’t have to just write articles for the rest of my life? Why did no one tell me this a year ago?”. That class changed everything and pointed me in the direction I needed to go. I learned about the differences between PR and journalism and found that my creative edge and storytelling fit more comfortably in PR and that the job would allow me to perform multiple different aspects while also integrating writing.

Everything after that epiphany became simple. I had the opportunity to intern at The Brandman PR Agency while still in New York, which even furthered my ongoing love for the field, and after eventually graduating I found myself lucky enough to come across an internship opportunity for Mediafy Communications where I overall hope to gain a solid skillset that will lead to successful and fulfilling career.

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Why You Should Hire a PR Agency


There are a lot of reasons why companies should hire a PR agency. For one thing, if you're a startup or new company coming into a world full of competitors and chaos, you'll need some experts to guide you through the terrain and help you stand out from the massive crowd. Here are 3 reasons why a PR agency may be right for you:

  1. They will keep your story honest (if they're good): While your company or product may really be the best thing since sliced bread, good PR agencies will temper your enthusiasm and inject some realism into your brand strategy. Why, you ask? Because that's exactly what you need. Bad PR agencies fluff the truth and boost your ego to no end, even if that means being dishonest. If an ego boost is what you need, you should probably call your mother. The more honest and real you are about your business and PR goals, the more of a chance you will have to succeed and truly become the best thing since sliced bread.
  2. They have the right relationships: Sure, you have a lot of friends. Maybe you were prom queen. Maybe you were ASB president. Maybe you have over 2,000 friends on Facebook - but are these friends helping you get the right people talking about you? Probably not. PR agencies have years of working with media and influencers on their belt. Although this doesn't necessarily mean that they will always get you media coverage, it does mean that they have more access to the right people than you do. 
  3. They're good storytellers: In a world where people now have a shorter attention span than goldfish, you need a good storyteller and communicator that will be dedicated to grabbing peoples' attention within a few seconds. The one quality that I think all good PR people need to have is communication. Good PR agencies know how to write, speak and converse about your brand in a way that won't easily be forgotten. 

Although there are plenty of other reasons why you probably need to hire a PR agency for your business, these are just a few to get your started thinking about it.